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Founded in 1918 by George G. Schaeren in Biel, Switzerland, the House of Mido is renowned for its manufacture of unique and innovative vintage watches at affordable prices. Within the first few years of the company's inception, in the 1920's, Mido launched a collection of watches exclusively for women. The contemporary design of the ladies' range, which featured modern watch straps and exquisitely shaped cases, proved highly popular with the discerning woman of the day. During the same period, Mido also introduced a collection for men in the much favored art deco style, both of these collections proved to be highly popular and helped to establish the brand and the image that the company wanted to portray. A decade later, Mido unveiled the Multifort collection, in addition to a range of watches with unbreakable mainsprings. Industry-wide, the Multifort Collection was considered ground breaking at the time, as the watch was the first of its kind with a self-winding movement. Additionally, the Multifort was also water resistant, anti-magnetic and shock resistant, all of which were completely unique features.

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