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Oris only produces mechanical watches, and has been doing it for over a century, with its individual character linking them with movie stars, musicians and Formula One racing. Oris is based in the Swiss town of Holstein, and was founded by two watchmakers, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, in 1904. From the 1920s onwards they produced wrist watches, thanks to an advance in electroplating technology, which became very popular in Great Britain. They continued to produce only mechanical watches to this day, eschewing electronics for mechanical refinements of an intriguing and ingenious nature. Each of the company's watches has at its center a unique red rotor, which can be seen. It is this piece of 'high-mech', as Oris terms it, which allowed them to move their mechanical technology from hand winding to automatic winding. A testament to the kind of accuracy which this kind of operating system can produce was the certificate Oris was awarded in 1968, from no less a body than the Obervatoire Astronomique at Neuchatel; this certified that the Oris cal. 652 mechanism was accurate to the highest degree. The 1980s saw a resurgence in popularity for Oris watches, as Japanese customers in particular began to see the value in owning a precision mechanical timepiece rather than one with an LED screen. This kind of reputation for individual thinking has also seen Oris commemorate great musicians such as Louis Armstrong in its 'Jazz' range of watches.

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