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Information on exclusive Zenith watch series, including the Chronomaster, Defy, El Primero, New Vintage 1969, and Port Royal, can be found in addition to Zenith prices from various vendors of fine watches. Georges Favre-Jacot founded what was to become the Zenith manufacture of Swiss luxury watches in 1865. Since then, Zenith watches have received in excess of one thousand prizes for their precision timekeeping and innovation, which is reflected in Zenith prices. Zenith models for every situation The first automated chronographic movement in the world was housed in a Zenith watch, the El Primero, which has gained cult status since. New Vintage 1969 is a clean but funky face with structure reminiscent of the days when electronics were in their infancy. Defy is the Zenith watch one needs for the most extreme and rugged conditions, with every imaginable function available for varying Zenith prices. The Chronomaster line seamlessly joins a dress watch with a sports chronograph. The Port Royal Zenith watches are unique for their rectangular design.

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